Where Can You Find Wholesale Concrete Blocks for Sale?

As of 2015, Cemex USA and Landscape Liquidator both sell wholesale concrete construction blocks of various sizes and styles. Landscape Liquidator sells concrete blocks at wholesale prices calculated both per block and per square foot, while Cemex USA requires customers to request a quote for pricing information.

Landscape Liquidator’s concrete block products include standard gray concrete blocks and rock face concrete blocks of various colors. The company’s rock face concrete blocks come in brown, burly wood, desert tan and charcoal colors, each one at the same price per block. The 4-inch rock face in burly wood is smaller than the other concrete blocks in the product catalogue, resulting in a larger price per square foot.

Cemex USA offers its customers access to a much larger catalogue of cement blocks, including single-cell blocks, solid blocks, single-, double- and three-score blocks, and return corner blocks. Additionally, the company sells angled blocks, sill blocks, sash blocks and header blocks. Other cement blocks Cemex USA sells include single bull-nosed blocks, double bull-nosed blocks, cap blocks, sound blocks and water-repellent blocks. The company also has a block calculator and a masonry conversion table worksheet on its website, allowing contractors to determine exactly how many blocks they need.