How Can I Weigh Gold at Home?

You can weigh gold at home using a small digital gram scale. These scales are available for as low as $15 at most stores that sell digital technology products. Another option is to use the digital scale at a post office, though having your own digital scale is recommended. In addition to having the right scale, it is also important to understand how gold weights are quoted.

Gold weight is quoted in grams or pennyweights. If you are intent on selling your gold, non-trade sellers will quote you their offer for the gold in grams, making the process fairly simple, according to Gold Jewelry Selling Guide. If you are selling to professional jewelers, they will quote their offers in pennyweights, abbreviated as DWT. There are 31.0 grams per troy ounce, while there are 20 DWT per troy ounce in pennyweight. It is critical that you know this ratio when you compare offers for your gold. Offers quoted in pennyweight may at first appear much stronger than offers quoted in grams. If you use the ratio, you may find that the offers are actually equal, or that the offer quoted in grams is in fact better. It is important to both weigh your gold at home, and know this ratio before you try to sell your gold.