How Can You Watch Free Movies Online Legally?

can-watch-movies-online-legally Credit: Tatyana Tomsickova Photography/Moment/Getty Images

Some sites that let users watch free movies include Crackle, Hulu and Popcornflix. These sites all allow users to stream a wide variety of free movies that are also completely legal.

Crackle’s partnership with Sony Pictures makes it one of the most reputable free streaming sites online, and the site’s affiliation means that popular new movies are constantly added. The site offers a range of films in many genres, including action, comedy, drama and science fiction. Crackle features high quality video streaming and requires no registration. While users do have to sit through occasional commercials, these interruptions are brief and infrequent.

Hulu is one of the largest streaming sites on the Internet, and while it’s primarily known for its free TV, the site also offers a large selection of free movies. The site boasts partnerships with both Miramax and the Criterion Collection, making for a large selection of critically acclaimed films in many genres. Hulu offers free movies in SD format, but users desiring HD quality must pay for premium service.

Popcornflix boasts over 1,500 free movies for users to stream. The site offers action, horror, documentary, foreign films and more, along with film school originals, making it unique among most streaming sites. Popcornflix is also affiliated with Screen Media Ventures, so the site frequently receives new films. features an extensive archive of public domain media, including music, television and movies. Movies available on the site include unlicensed films uploaded by their creators, as well as feature films in the public domain, which occurs when the copyright on them lapses or isn't renewed. Certain movies are available for free on YouTube. These movies include those in the public domain, as well as movies produced by major studios that have been made available for a variety of reasons.