How Can You Verify a DEA License?

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A Drug Enforcement Administration license number cannot be verified, but requesting to see a copy of the official DEA registration certificate provides satisfactory proof of licensing, according to the DEA’s Office of Diversion Control. The DEA certificate displays the date the registration certificate was issued and its expiration date.

The authenticity of a DEA registration certificate is verifiable by obtaining a list of current DEA license holders, notes the Office of Diversion Control. A list is requested by contacting the National Technical Information Service at 1-800-363-2068, as of April 2015. DEA licensing expires every three years and must be renewed. Medical professionals are required to have a separate DEA registration certificate for every physical location controlled substances are dispensed, and physicians must only dispense drugs authorized by the state. If the medical professional moves to another location, she must submit a modification application of her DEA registration certificate for official approval.

While the DEA does not give out registration information to the public, individuals are able to check whether or not a physician has a DEA number by contacting the state medical licensing board, advises the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. DEA-registered medical practitioners are approved to prescribe and dispense controlled substance medications to patients, but practitioners can authorize an agent to dispense substances under strict limitations, reports National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.