How Can You Find the Value of Emmett Kelly Collectibles?

The best way to find current values for Emmett Kelly Jr. collectibles is to visit online sites that sell his collectible figurines on the secondary market. As of 2014, Emmett Kelly Jr. collectibles are selling for under $20 on the low end of the pricing scale and for over $1,000 at the high end.

The first officially licensed Emmett Kelly Jr. clown figurines came out in the early 1980s. Fans of the beloved clown are able to find some of these earlier pieces through online research. The lack of an official pricing guide means that prices are set by sellers based on unknown valuations. While there are numerous Kelly figurines on the secondary market, first editions are the most rare. Emmett Kelly Jr. items are exclusively licensed by Green Stuff Licensing, which handles the approval of figurine licensees. Some Kelly figurines from the1980s are hard to find, which is why they are valued at over $1,000. Because production licenses are still being granted for Emmett Kelly Jr. collectibles, some current figurine makers also produce limited editions. Collectors are certain to pay more for limited editions than mass produced figurines.

Emmett Kelly, Jr. got his big break while working as an exhibit representative for the Eastern Kodak Company during the 1964 World’s Fair.