How Can You Use a VIN to Find the Owner of a Vehicle?

JGI/Jamie Grill/Blend Images/Getty Images

The owner of a vehicle is disclosed through a VIN history report, such as those provided by CARFAX or AutoCheck. The VIN number that is assigned to a vehicle at productions never changes, so the VIN history reports show each time the vehicle was repaired, serviced or had a change of ownership.

CARFAX and AutoCheck both offer detailed information about a vehicle by using the VIN number and can be effective tools in purchasing a used vehicle. The steps for locating the past or present owners using the VIN number through a CARFAX report are below.

  1. Visit the CARFAX website
  2. Visit the CARFAX website and click “Order Reports” at the top of the page or locate the box on the main page that allows a VIN number to be entered for a history report.

  3. Locate the vehicle’s VIN number
  4. The most likely places to locate a vehicle’s VIN number are the drivers side of the car on the interior dash, under the hood towards the front of the engine or in the driver door jamb.

  5. Enter the VIN
  6. Enter the VIN number into the search box and hit “Go”.

  7. Select a package
  8. Select a package, such as a single report, 5 reports or unlimited reports for up to 60 days. Enter the preferred method of payment and click “Buy Now”.

  9. Get the report
  10. After making the purchase, the report is displayed on-screen and can be downloaded, printed or saved.