What Can You Use Instead of Spirit Gum?

According to special-effects creator Andrew Clement, corn syrup can be used instead of spirit gum if an adhesive is required. Thicken the corn syrup with a small amount of corn starch if it is too runny.

For those with sensitive skin, spirit gum can cause severe irritation and rash. In this case, an alternative adhesive, such as corn syrup, should be used. Andrew Clements, who has been involved with numerous horror films as a special-effects creator, suggests that corn syrup is suitable because it is safe for the skin. Only use adhesives that are safe for use on skin to avoid injury or irritation.

Spirit gum is a widely used, skin-safe adhesive that temporarily bonds prosthetics, fake hairpieces and other materials to the body. It is a popular accessory for costumes and is easily available during the Halloween season at many stores, and available year-round at costume shops.

Many people do not like the strong smell that spirit gum has. This odor is due to the alcohol that is mixed with the resin to create the sticky substance. Spirit gum is meant to be removed by a specially made spirit-gum remover, but if that is not available, any oil-based remover works.