What Can You Use As an Equivalent to an L1142 Battery?

The Vinnic L1142 button battery can be replaced with over 20 equivalent batteries, including the Duracell D186, Seiko LR43 and Lenmar WCLR43. Equivalents of the same brand include the L1142, G12 and RW84. BatteriesInAFlash.com provides a watch battery cross reference chart.

As of 2015, 24Hour Batteries recommends the Energizer 386 Silver Oxide or SR43W as an equivalent to the L1142, because these provide a longer battery lifespan and lower rate of output decline.

The Vinnic L1142 and all its equivalents are manufactured for use in low energy-consuming devices, such as calculators, thermometers, pedometers and stopwatches.

24HourBatteries.com, OnlyBatteries.com and Amazon.com are sites on which to purchase the L1142 battery equivilants.