Where Can You Find USBC Bowling Book Averages by Year?

To find records for United States Bowling Congress members, click the Records & Stats link under the USBC heading on the home page of Bowl.com. Click the Individual Records or Team Records link under the Official Records heading to view information, including individual player league averages and highest team totals.

Links under the Unofficial Records heading include Unofficial Scoring Records, Participation and Leadership Records, High Individual Series by State, and High Team Game/Series by State. Oddities links include Honor Scores and Miscellaneous. Submit records updates to pr@bowl.com, and report them to the local bowling association.

View a list of USBC Hall of Fame members by clicking the USBC Hall of Fame link under the USBC heading. Click the Hall of Famers link on the right of the Web page to view the list. Click a name to read more information about the bowler.