How Can I Unscramble Celebrity Names?

Unscrambling celebrity names involves the ability to spell, a familiarity with celebrities and just a few minutes of time. The level of difficulty involved with unscrambling celebrity names varies from website to website and includes many different categories, such as teen celebrities, reality television stars or action actors, to make the task less difficult.

There are some easy tips to follow in order to help unscramble the names:

Step 1: Look at the amount of words

Before trying to unscramble the name of a celebrity, look at the amount of words in the clue. Many celebrities go by only one name, while others have three or four; this makes it easier to narrow down the options.

Step 2: Count the letters

Take notice of how many letters are in each word or name. Some names only contain three or four letters, making it easier to unscramble.

Step 3: Start with the small words first

Start with the small names first to get a better idea of the answer. Unscrambling “rdba” to “Brad” is much easier than unscrambling “eoncbye” to “Beyonce,” and once the first name Brad is apparent, it is easy to see that “tipt” is “Pitt.”

Step 4: Use Google as a last resort

As a last resort, enter the scrambled letters into Google just as they are shown on the website and the name will be revealed.