How Can You Troubleshoot a Troy-Bilt Riding Mower?

Troubleshooting a Troy-Bilt riding mower begins with reading the troubleshooting section of the included owner’s manual. Troy-Bilt also offers suggestions on its website at for common issues such as oil levels being too low or gas running out.

According to Troy-Bilt, using a lawn mower for the first time in a while shouldn’t be done without performing maintenance and maintenance checks. Use the following guide to help troubleshoot your riding mower. These issues do not have to be fixed in order, so address them only as necessary.

Does the lawnmower have enough oil? The oil levels can fall over the course of a few months if the mower isn’t used and is allowed to evaporate. Because the oil sits for a long period of time, debris will also settle in the container. Dirty oil can cause problems as well, and the mower may struggle to use it adequately. Make sure to check the level and then change the oil if necessary. Do not use the mower with low engine oil, or the engine could be destroyed.

Has the fuel level been checked? If not, the mower may not have enough gas to power itself. Additionally, if the fuel cap is not venting correctly, it may force the engine to stop running. To fix this issue, simply replace the cap.

If the mower won’t start up or is choking, check the fuel delivery system. If the fuel line is cracked, gasoline may be draining before it can reach the engine. The line should be replaced if that is the issue, and new fuel can then be added as necessary.

The carburetor can also be a problem if it hasn’t been changed recently. Fortunately, this piece can be removed and cleaned. Remove it and clean out the main fuel jet, the float, the throttle plate and the bowl. These can be cleaned with carburetor cleaner. A clogged main jet in this piece can make it difficult for the mower to run correctly.

The ignition coil is the last major part that could have a problem that is fixable at home. If the mower hasn’t been able to start at all, this could be the issue. To check if the ignition coil has a problem, remove the wire from the spark plug. Then, remove the plug from the engine. With the same wire, connect both ends to the spark plug and touch one part of the plug against a metal bit on the engine. Pull on the starter rope at this point. If it’s working, a blue spark will occur.

If the lawnmower is still not working after trying the above troubleshooting steps, it may be time to call a service center to have it repaired by a technician.