How Can You Troubleshoot a Napoleon Gas Fireplace That Will Not Stay Lit?

To troubleshoot a Napoleon gas fireplace that will not stay lit, check the drip loop, the pilot light, the thermocouple and the gas valve to ensure all components are clean and working before replacing. If the gas fireplace pilot light will not stay lit, troubleshooting common problems can usually fix this issue.

To troubleshoot the common problems of a gas fireplace not staying lit:

  1. Check the drip loop for moisture.
  2. From your gas meter, check the drip loop for excessive moisture. Open the cap and drain any accumulated moisture from the drip loop.

  3. Check the pilot light and the thermocouple
  4. The tiny metal rod above the pilot light is the thermocouple. Check to see that it is hitting the pilot light and that it is tightened into place.

  5. Check the burner
  6. Below the pilot light is the burner which has small holes that may become clogged. Clean the burner to remove carbon build-up by blowing out with an air compressor or washing with soap and water.

  7. Check the gas valve.
  8. If previous troubleshooting does not remedy the problem, you may need to replace the gas valve.