How Can You Troubleshoot a Kenmore Dishwasher That Won’t Drain?

Andrew Howe/E+/Getty Images

A clog is the most common reason a Kenmore dishwasher will not drain. To resolve a clog, remove and clean all food traps and filters and use a commercial plumbing cleaner or a snake to clean drain hoses and pipes. A stuck float switch, newly installed garbage disposal or a malfunctioning motor are other reasons a Kenmore dishwasher will not drain.

Depending on the model, the dishwasher’s float switch may look like a hat-shaped device on the bottom of the dishwasher or a small device in the corner. The device should float with rising water. If it does not, the source of the problem may be a collection of food particles or a broken float. Food particles can be easily cleaned from around the float, but a broken float requires repair or replacement.

Newly installed garbage disposals come with a special part, called a knockout plug, that can prevent the dishwasher from draining. The garbage disposal’s owner’s manual contains information on removing the knockout plug. If the dishwasher’s motor is not functioning properly and is unable to pump water out of the machine, it is best to contact a repair technician to diagnose and repair the problem. To keep a dishwasher working optimally, it is important to regularly clean the inside of the machine and keep it free of debris.