Can You Trace an Anonymous Text Message?

James Whitaker/Digital Vision/Getty Images

According to InformationWeek, apps are available that reveal the ID of an anonymous text messenger. Three apps available for use, either free or for a fee, include WhoAreYou, Enhanced SMS & Caller ID and Privus Mobile’s Privus Pack. International Counterintelligence Services, or ICS, also uses software that reveals the identify of anonymous text senders.

InformationWeek notes that the free WhoAreYou app provides users with text and caller ID details. The software searches a database of hundreds of thousands of numbers to reveal the identity of the sender. Call and text blocking are also offered for telemarketing messages. The app can be combined with another app, YouMail, to convey “out of service” messaging before hanging up on an intruder.

Enhanced SMS & Caller ID is offered for Android use for around $2.50. The app is not only a talking caller ID, it also provides reverse look-up of anonymous callers. Privus Mobile’s Privus Pack is equipped with text ID and caller ID services. The app can be used on Android, Symbian, iOS, RIM/BlackBerry and Windows Mobile technologies. The software also provides IT deployment for corporate customers.

Besides checking the IDs of text messengers, companies such as ICS, can determine if emails are being opened and forwarded by third parties as well.