How Can I Tighten My Loose Teeth?

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For an injured, slightly loose tooth, eat soft foods and avoid chewing with the tooth for several days while it tightens on its own, explains Plaza Drive Dentistry. A tooth splint helps tighten a tooth that does not heal by itself, notes Advanced Dental Care of Austin.

To maximize the chances of a tooth tightening back to normal on its own, do not attempt to wiggle or move the tooth except to put it back into position if it is crooked, notes Plaza Drive Dentistry. Only teeth that are slightly loose due to an injury should be allowed to tighten by themselves. Teeth that are loose due to other reasons, such as gum disease or grinding, and teeth that are very loose or completely knocked out from trauma require prompt attention from a dental health care professional. Chipped and fractured teeth should also be treated at a dentist’s office in a timely manner.

A tooth that has fallen out or is very loose should be put back into its socket within two hours of the trauma to save the tooth, according to Plaza Drive Dentistry. Before heading to the dentist’s office, rinse the tooth with water, push it down into its socket and keep it stabilized by biting down on a wad of cotton. The dentist can place a splint on the tooth to keep in it place while the ligaments that normally hold the tooth in the mouth have an opportunity to heal, explains Advanced Dental Care of Austin.