How Can You Get Free Test Strips for OneTouch?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Apr 15, 2020 1:36:48 PM ET

While OneTouch does not offer free test strips as of October 2015, the company does publish periodical offers on its website, such as qualifying for a free meter. However, customers with health insurance plans, such as Medicare Part B, can get test strips for as low as $2.08 for a box of 50 strips, reports OneTouch. This price requires the participant to have paid his deductible, and those with supplemental health insurance may have no out-of-pocket cost for test strips.

Retail pharmacies such as Walmart, Target, CVS and RiteAid carry OneTouch test strips and accept Medicare Part B coverage for diabetic testing supplies, notes OneTouch. For those with alternative health care plans, OneTouch provides a website,, where consumers can research their health plans and discover their out-of-pocket cost for test strips. A customer service line is available at 800-444-4106 for alternative programs that offer assistance with diabetic testing supplies.

OneTouch also partners with organizations that help cover the cost of diabetic testing supplies. Those organizations include, a website that helps individuals without prescription medication coverage afford the cost of diabetic testing supplies. Customers who have the Medicare Part B health care plan receive a discount of approximately $250 per year on diabetic testing supplies, explains OneTouch.