How Can I Test My Fax Machine?

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To test your fax machine, set up the fax machine according to its instruction manual. Send a fax to the fax-testing number found in an online search. Wait several minutes to receive a return fax. Adjust settings if necessary.

  1. Install the fax machine

    When setting up the fax machine, check that the caller ID, call waiting and other features are set up properly. These features on a phone line often cause difficulties with sending and receiving faxes.

  2. Send a one-page fax to a fax-testing number

    Using a search engine, locate a fax-testing number. Several of these are readily available. One option is the HP fax testing number. The fax machine does not have to be an HP fax to use this testing option. Identify the fax in some way so it can be recognized if necessary.

  3. Wait a few minutes

    The HP fax-testing line requires approximately 5 to 7 minutes to return a fax to the same number. Other sites or numbers may require more time. Keep in mind the number may be busy, especially at certain times of day.

  4. Receive a fax back

    The HP fax-testing number sends a fax back automatically. Other sites or numbers require effort on your part. If a fax-testing number fails to respond, send a fax to the machine from a web browser or a word processing program.

  5. Adjust the settings

    If one or more parts of the process does not work, the settings for the machine have to be adjusted. Check the manual for troubleshooting hints or ideas. The manufacturer’s website often offers a support page, or you may call the manufacturer directly.