Where Can You Find Terra Nova Test Scores?

TerraNova test scores are sent home to the parent by a child’s teacher. CTB/McGraw Hill has a website for those with a username and password to login to view data on TerraNova scores.

TerraNova is a standardized test administered to students in grades K-12. There are several types of TerraNova tests, each testing the student’s knowledge in a particular area. Tests include the TerraNova Common Core, TerraNova Multiple Assessments, Terra Nova Complete Battery and TerraNova Survey. Subjects tested include reading, math, English, science, social studies and language arts. The tests are given on paper and marked with a pencil. Scoring is done by both hand and machine.

Parents who receive TerraNova test scores from the school administration may also receive detailed information on what the test scores mean. For example, a report could explain that the child is reading at or above his grade level, along with his score from the test. In addition, the school may provide information on the overall average for test scores for the entire school and averages by grade level in the school. The school may advise the parent of any area the child may need to work on, such as math or social studies and may even make suggestions on how to tackle the weakest subjects.