How Can You Tell If Your Well Is Running Dry?

If a well is running dry, the water pressure indoors may drop, and water may appear discolored. Use a probe to determine the depth of the water inside the well. Alternatively, Walker Water Systems recommends turning the faucet on for at least 30 minutes to check water levels. Typically, if water runs constantly for 30 minutes, the well isn’t running dry.

If the well is going dry, the water pump may remain running for a longer than average length of time to build water pressure. Additionally, there may not be any water available from the well for a short time after heavy water usage.

One of the most effective methods of determining whether a well is going dry is to contact a well drilling company. The drilling company measures water levels inside the well and can provide advice on whether a well should be repaired or a new well should be drilled. It is recommended homeowners rule out pipe and pump defects before drilling a new well.

When water levels inside the well drop, the results often include sputtering, muddy colored water coming from the faucets indoors. The sputtering is caused by air entering the water lines when water levels drop below the pipe inside the well. Dirty water is caused when the water levels drop low enough to allow sediment from the bottom of the well to enter the pipe.