How Can I Tell If My Gucci Purse Is Authentic?

Christine und Hagen Graf/CC-BY-2.0

Details both inside and outside a Gucci purse help determine its authenticity. Things to examine on the purse include the logo, trim, inside fabric and attached tag.

The font of the logo is a primary tip-off to a fake Gucci bag. The “G” should appear very clean and sharp, without a serif and slightly elongated. The hardware on an authentic Gucci purse is slightly darker than on other luxury purses; Gucci does not use the same bright yellow gold that many other designers use. Gucci always uses pebbled leather trim, so if the bag contains faux leather or another material for the trim, it is not a real Gucci bag. Inside the purse, the back of the tag on an authentic Gucci purse contains a serial number.