How Can I Talk to a Priest Online?

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To talk to a priest online, visit the website Priest on Line, available as of 2014. Another option is to enter the keywords “priest online” into a search engine to access a variety of sites for different religious preferences. Most offer their services free of charge and allow individuals to chat without revealing their names or other identifying information. Blessings and prayers are often offered free of charge via email.

On Priest on Line, one can seek advice about personal struggles, finance concerns, marital or relationship problems, abuse of any kind and spiritual questions. The priest is willing to pray for or with users, depending on their needs. As advertised on the website, the priest promises to make no judgments and only to help nurture spiritual growth. The services can be requested by email, by phone or in person.

There are also pastors and ministers providing online services free of charge, not only to their congregations but also to those people outside of the church seeking spiritual guidance from someone not directly involved in their lives. For most people seeking such services, it is important that their privacy be protected. Therefore, the websites tend to stress that rules of confidentiality are protected when someone reaches out asking for help.