Why Can’t You Find an Inmate’s Name on the State’s Inmate Search Site?

There are several reasons why an inmate’s name does not appear on the state’s inmate search site. The inmate may be on parole or probation, was released earlier or is no longer in custody, or is incarcerated in another state. The inmate may also be in a federal prison.

While offenders may be found in a state’s Department of Correction’s inmate search site, most states, such as New York and Georgia, operate separate online search sites for individuals under parole supervision. The parole search site may be listed on the state’s DC site. In most cases, the user is required to provide the full name of the inmate, but some sites also accept the inmate’s number, state ID and other identification. Likewise, some states also operate a separate search site or tool for released inmates.

If the inmate’s name cannot be found in any of the search tools in a state’s website, the person may be incarcerated in a federal prison. Information about federal inmates can be found on the Federal Bureau of Prison’s website.

The online user searching for the inmate’s name may also be entering incomplete or wrong information. Make sure that the last name of the inmate is accurate. The user can also contact the state prison directly to gather more information.