Why Can’t You Find Cambell’s Oyster Stew in Grocery Stores?

Campbell’s oyster stew was recalled in June of 2012 due to concerns about the sanitation of oysters harvested in Korea. While Korean shellfish has since been reinstated by the FDA, there is no indication that Campbell’s intends to return its oyster stew to store shelves as of 2015.

In consultation with the FDA, Campbell’s issued a voluntary recall of its canned oyster stew in June of 2012, according to Fosters-IGA.com. The recall was due to unsanitary conditions found in shellfish growing and harvesting areas in Korea, and Campbell’s used oysters shipped from Korea in its oyster stew.

In May of 2012, the FDA removed all Korean shellfish suppliers from the Interstate Certified Shellfish Shippers List. It is illegal for American companies to use shellfish from suppliers that are not on the ICSSL. The FDA evaluation concluded that shellfish growing areas in Korea may have been contaminated with a group of gastrointestinal viruses.

According to its website, the FDA re-evaluated Korean shellfish suppliers in February of 2013 and subsequently reinstated them to the ICSSL. This meant that American food companies could once again use Korean shellfish in their products.

However, as of 2015, oyster stew does not appear on the Campbell’s company website. Additionally, there is no indication that the company intends to return it to production.