What Can Be Substituted for Red Wine Vinegar?

John Mayer/CC-BY 2.0

There are several options that are similar to the flavor profile of red wine vinegar and can, therefore, be used as substitutes such as white wine vinegar, rice wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar, sherry vinegar and balsamic vinegar. There are other substitutes for red wine vinegar that can mimic its taste, but do not have the same acidity as red wine vinegar. These include tamarind paste, red wine and white wine vinegar mixture, lemon or lime juice and just plain red wine.

Red wine vinegar is made by fermenting red wine until the process produces acetic acid from the red wine. The process involves storing the wine in wooden barrels for approximately two years. After the wine has achieved the right levels of acetic acid, it is strained and then purified. The price for bottled red wine vinegar will vary depending on the quality of the wine used. Red wine vinegar from high-quality wine has a mild taste while a cheaper red wine vinegar typically have a strong, aggressive flavor.

Red wine vinegar is often used for French recipes like vinaigrette, salad and marinade to enhance the flavor of certain dishes. Although it may seem easy to pick a substitute for red wine vinegar, but one should consider the purpose of the red wine vinegar for a particular recipe. For example, marinade recipes will require an acidic substitute to alter the composition of the meat. On the other hand, milder substitutes must be chosen when the recipe calls for just the flavor and not necessarily the same acidity as the red wine vinegar.