How Can You Stop an LG Washer From Shaking When You Use It?

Guido Mieth/Moment/Getty Images

To stop an LG washer from shaking and prevent noisy vibrations, remove all shipping materials, insure the appliance and floor are level and decrease excessive load sizes. If your LG washer continues to shake after troubleshooting, use foam padding or anti-vibration pads to counteract the issue.

Unbalanced load sizes and bulky items can cause washers to shake. Check to see whether load size is the issue by placing a light load of laundry in the LG washer and selecting the rinse and spin cycle option.

Many LG front-load high-efficiency washers experience noisy vibrations and excessive shaking due to shipping materials remaining intact following installation. Inspect the back of the washer for four shipping bolts, two of which can be found on the top of the drum and two near the bottom of the appliance. The wrench included in the accessory pack with front-loading LG washers can be used to remove the shipping bolts. Front-load LG washers also come with a foam block in the base for use during shipping. Carefully lean back the appliance with the help of a second person and remove the foam block if it is present.

Place a level on the top of the washer to insure the appliance is level both side-to-side and front-to-back. Make adjustments using the leveling feet on the LG washer as necessary. If shaking continues, purchase anti-vibration mats, or attach padding, such as foam swim noodles, to the sides of the washer as necessary.