How Can You Stop a Delonghi Pinguino PAC C100 From Leaking?

The Delonghi Pinguino PAC C100 is a portable air conditioner that requires a simple drainage system and regular maintenance to prevent it from leaking. Doing so prevents water from building up in the unit, which can ultimately cause leaks.

Because the Delonghi Pinguino PAC C100 comes with a drainage hose pre-attached to it, installing one is not necessary. Check the hose for damage and insert a wire through the drainage system to determine if a clog is present; a clogged drainage hose prevents the system from properly dispersing water from the condenser through the drainage hose and into a sink or outside, leading to leaks. Use the wire to push the clog out of the system. To prevent clogs from occurring, add a tablespoon of bleach to the unit’s condensate drip tray twice per year.

Check the unit for cracks or damage, specifically in the condensate drip tray and condensate area in general. To seal cracks, turn the unit off, and disconnect it from its power source. Allow the unit to dry completely before proceeding. Use a polyurethane resin sealant to repair the crack. Give the sealant a minimum of four hours to dry completely before attempting to restore power to the unit.