Where Can You Find Spalding Replacement Parts?

DicksSportingGoods.com, ThePortableBasketball.com and Sears.com all sell replacement parts for Spalding sports equipment. Each website lists basketball equipment available for purchase at a variety of prices.

Dicks Sporting Goods offers rims and accessories for basketball hoops, including padding for basketball poles and kits for creating basketball courts. Customers can filter their options by top sellers, top-rated or new products. They can also sort by prices or browse by brands. Customers click on specific items to view larger images, prices, product information and features. They can also read product reviews from other customers.

ThePortableBasketball.com lists a variety of Spalding replacement rims, nets, backboards and pole pads for basketball hoops from sellers around the country. The site also offers advice as to how to choose an effective replacement basketball rim and gives the contact information of company technicians who can help customers choose the right product.

Sears.com offers a limited variety of basketball poles and rims. Customers may purchase items online or set their locations to find the products nearby Sears stores. Customers can click on products to view their prices, descriptions and specific features about each product. They can also view ratings and reviews from customers who have purchased the items of interest and browse through related products.