Can Someone Watch Full Episodes of CBS Shows Online?

Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images

CBS has two basic options that let viewers see full episodes of its shows online; the first being to watch them from the CBS website and the second is a stand-alone online streaming service, CBS All Access. The streaming option gives subscribers access to thousands of episodes of classic shows, such as “Cheers,” “Star Trek” and “CSI,” in the CBS achieve as well as the most current releases and allowing them to stream live TV.

The service was announced in 2014 and charges users $6 a month as of April 2015; it effectively eliminated the need for third-party streaming sites, such as Hulu. CBS also offers an application for Android and iOS phones that lets people use All Access on the go.

In contrast, the free shows available for the mobile app and the episodes on the CBS website often have time delays between airing and when they can be viewed, and there are only a limited number of episodes that can be watched.