How Can Someone Tell If Platinum Is Real?

The easiest way for potential buyers to tell if a piece is true platinum is to perform a bite test similar to that which would be performed with gold. Unlike gold, if there are bite marks in the metal it is not true platinum.

Platinum is one of the most valuable metals in the world and is often imitated in order to be offered at a lower price. Buyers must beware when they are buying platinum jewelry or any other type of platinum because there are many companies that advertise metals as platinum when they are not truly platinum.

While the bite test should be the first step that buyers take when verifying the authenticity of platinum, it should not be the only step. When the platinum is bitten and no mark is left, buyers can almost always feel confident that the piece is platinum, but they should still check with their jewelry to see if there is some type of authenticity report that can be given.

The best way for buyers to be sure that they are getting true platinum is only to buy from reputable sources. They should check the reputation of the company before buying and should make sure that the company is not advertising the platinum at a bargain. While it is great to be able to get a bargain on precious metals, it is often impossible for jewelers to sell platinum at bargain prices because they will lose money. Platinum that is advertised as a bargain is generally not platinum at all.