How Can Someone Tell If a Dolce & Gabbana Purse Is Real?

VisitBritain/Britain on View/Britain On View/Getty Images

To tell if a Dolce & Gabbana purse is real, it’s necessary to look at the label, as well as the quality of the materials and construction. One common sign that the purse is fake is that the ampersand used in the lettering doesn’t drop slightly below the “D” and the “G.”

If the spacing between the letters seems far apart, it’s probably fake. Fake designer purses often come with misspellings. For example, there might be an extra “n” or there may be one less “b” in Gabbana. If the handbag is poorly constructed, it probably isn’t designer. For example, loose threads may be present, or the thread may be a different color than the bag. Dolce & Gabbana tends to use soft leather. If the leather feels bumpy, it’s unlikely that the bag is real. >Other ways to examine the leather quality include smelling it. The leather should have a leather smell and shouldn’t crack. The lining of the bag should also be high quality. Linings that feel thin and weak indicate that the bag is fake.

To avoid buying a fake purse, shop at high-end department stores, and when shopping online, look at websites authorized to sell designer goods.