How Can Someone Send in Photos to Fox News?

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

To send photos to Fox News, a user can upload the photos directly from his smartphone or other mobile phone and email them to the newsroom at, as of 2015. The user must provide a brief description or caption of the photo, where it was taken and what is happening in the photo.

BlackBerry users should click on the photo from their BlackBerry and email it to For all other phones, users should use the phone’s MMS to email photos. All users should attach the desired photo to the email, create a title for the photo submission and use that title as the email subject line.

Social media is another way to share photos with Fox News. Users can upload photos to their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages, and at-mention or share with Fox News using the news outlet’s Twitter handle, Facebook page or Instagram handle. As with email submissions, any social media submission should contain a caption stating what is happening in the photo and a brief description of why the user is sharing it.

Local Fox News stations also accept photo submissions. Viewers can go to the website of their local station to learn more about where to send their photos for local submission.