What Can Someone Say in a Welcome Speech on Youth Day at Church?

In a welcome speech on Youth Day at a church, the speech should include a welcoming message about the church and about the youth’s place in the church. The speech should also talk about the programs offered at the church for youth so that they can learn more about their options to get involved with the church.

The speaker at the Youth Day in the church should try to create a speech that is welcoming and genuine. It should welcome and acknowledge all of the new faces on Youth Day as well as introduce them to the core tenants of the church. It should also be a warm invitation to come to church regularly. The speech can be brief and stop here, or it can continue onward with more details about what options are available for the youth to participate in the church regularly.

The National Youth Ministries have a few ideas for creating a welcome speech and a National Youth Day at one’s church. They suggest that pastors hold a youth rally during an evening service and take up an offering to support student ministries in one’s church. They ask that pastors and ministers focus on one of the following connections in their speeches and day planning: connecting with God, connecting with family, connecting with the Church or connecting with purpose. The National Youth Ministries also offers a sample plan for holding a Youth Day at one’s church.