Where Can Someone Find Free Printable Patterns for Lite Brite?

Crystal/CC-BY 2.0

Lite Brite patterns can be printed at no cost from the Hasbro website at hasbro.com. Hasbro allows users to design their own patterns or choose from premade designs.

Lite Brite was created by Hasbro Toys in 1967 and was a popular toy throughout the 1970s. Lite Brite is used to create an illuminated picture through the use of colored plastic pegs that are inserted into the Lite Brite display box. Although Lite Brite is now available as an application for mobile devices like iPads, the Lite Brite toy is still available, too.

Patterns can be used to make specific designs on the Lite Brite toy. Hasbro gives users the option to download and print premade patterns, such as kites, flowers, and fish, from their website at no cost. Users can also use the website to design their own template, which can then be printed off for free. Some sites, not associated with Hasbro, offer a wider variety of patterns and templates for a small fee. Illumipeg.com sells patterns that can be delivered via email or printed and sent by regular mail.