How Can You Find Someone Else’s List on

To find someone’s list on, visit the Find a List or Registry page. Enter the person’s name or email address into the search box and click Search. If you wish to save the list, click Remember. This option lets you access the list from a search results page, or from the Gift Planner main page.

Amazon’s list and registry features also allow you to search for variations of the person’s name, and to search for your Facebook friends’ lists. Amazon’s Gift Finder page contains gift suggestions based on people’s ages and interests. Selecting Adult, Cinema and Home Improvement, for example, brings up a list of suggested movies and tools.

If you have a wish list on Amazon and wish to keep it private, navigate to the Wish List page and select Change Privacy Settings from the Manage This List menu. The option allows you to make the list private so that only you can see it, or shared so that you can send a link to other people. Private and shared lists do not appear in search results.

If you use the Firefox web browser, an official add-on from Amazon lets you add items from a web page to your wish list, even if you are not browsing