Where Can Someone Buy Nabisco Royal Lunch Milk Crackers in Connecticut?

Unfortunately, Nabisco discontinued Royal Lunch Milk Crackers, so they are not reliably available anywhere. However, there are some possible substitutes to be found in stores and online, and some recipes for those who wish to try to bake their own.

Royal Lunch Milk Crackers are a slightly sweet, thick and flaky cookie, first made in 1902. The product was especially popular in New England, where parents used to serve them dipped in milk to soothe upset stomachs. Another popular traditional use was to incorporate the crackers into Thanksgiving stuffing. Fans also enjoy dunking the crackers into hot tea or cocoa.

Although this brand has been discontinued, there are a few viable substitutes on the market. Heritage Mills’ Classic Milk Lunch Crackers can be found on FamousFoods.com. DeMoula’s and Market Basket grocery stores, located in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, carry a selection of milk crackers, including their own brand, called New England Lunch Milk Crackers. A third option touted by fans of the discontinued Nabisco brand is Burton’s Rich Tea Biscuits, a British cookie brand. Burton’s come in a blue package and are carried in Wegman’s, Wal-Mart and can be found on Amazon.com.

Another option for Royal Lunch Milk Cracker lovers is to try to bake a substitute from scratch. Several blogs have shared versions of the cookie, but the basic recipe uses flour, salt, baking powder, butter, heavy cream and eggs. The ingredients listed for the original Royal Lunch Milk Crackers also included malted milk, vegetable shortening and sugar.