Where Can Someone Buy Bayer Aspirin Crystals?

It is no longer possible to buy Bayer Aspirin Extra Strength Quick Release Crystals, which were discontinued in 2010. Generic, chewable baby aspirin is recommended as a safe and widely available alternative.

Bayer Aspirin Extra Strength Quick Release Crystals were taken off the market in 2010. Misinformation propagated widely via the Internet regarding the efficacy of fast-dissolving aspirin products, such as Bayer Aspirin Crystals, in stopping a heart attack in progress may have played a role in the company’s decision.

The FDA has approved low doses of aspirin, around 81 mg, for use as an anti-inflammatory and blood thinner only under a physician’s direction. One dose of the Bayer Aspirin Crystals product contained 850 mg of aspirin–more than ten times the FDA’s recommended dosage. Bayer stated in 2010 that the product was not intended for use in treating heart attacks, according to Consumer Reports.

For pain relief, Consumer Reports recommends generic baby aspirin, which can be chewed and dissolved in the mouth, as a safe, effective and cheap alternative to fast-acting aspirin formulations. However, the FDA warns that because of potential side effects such as gastrointestinal bleeding, aspirin should not be taken to prevent heart attack or stroke except under the supervision of a doctor.