What Can Someone Do After Developing White Bumps After a Brazilian Wax?

If white bumps occur after getting a Brazilian wax, treat them with a mild cortisone cream and antibiotic cream, as stated by WaxIt.com. These creams will reduce redness, inflammation and kill the bacteria growing in the follicles.

After a waxing, red bumps are prone to appear around the suddenly empty hair follicles. Sometimes, these red bumps develop into small whiteheads. This is a result of bacteria found normally on the skin getting into the empty follicle and causing an infection. The problem doesn’t develop in everyone, but is treatable and preventable.

Strip Waxing Studio recommends men and women keep bumps from developing by exfoliating and washing the area before a waxing appointment to remove as much of the surface cells and bacteria as possible. Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes and treat the area gently for the first couple of days after waxing. Exfoliating the skin each night can help keep bumps and irritation from developing.

When white bumps do appear treat them until they go away with a mix of cortisone cream and antibiotic ointment, according to WaxIt.com. Some people are allergic to the over-the-counter product, Neosporin, so a good alternative may be Polysporin. Allow the hair to grow out between waxing sessions, too. As the body gets used to regular waxing this will become less of a problem.