Can Skin Bleaching Be Reversed?

Skin bleaching procedures can be reversed, but the process is lengthy. The procedures that bleach your skin can take anywhere from a few weeks to a year to show results, and reversing those results can take just as long.

The first step to reversing skin bleaching is to stop the use of any skin-bleaching procedures already underway immediately. Inspect skin to determine the extent of the bleaching and make sure that the skin is healthy. If skin shows any signs of damage or too much discoloration, consult a doctor or dermatologist to assess any possible side effects.

The second step is increasing the skin’s exposure to sunlight. Sunlight will naturally halt a bleaching process as the skin begins to absorb ultraviolet rays. The levels of melanin in the skin will rise, and skin will begin to darken naturally. Use skin protection such as sunblock to prevent sun-exposed skin damage such as white spots, freckles, precancerous lesions, or skin texture changes.

The final step is to consult a local doctor or dermatologist so they can oversee the bleaching reversal. A professional will be able to provide additional options to restore skin tone and will offer advice and insight throughout the process.