How Can You View Septic System and Leach Field Diagrams?

You can view septic system and leach field diagrams by accessing the sewerage disposal systems commonly provided by septic tank and leach field builders and contractors. The public health and social services department of some counties and townships, including Brown Township, Ohio, and San Diego County, California, also provide diagrams of septic tank and drainfield systems.

Many septic tank builders and service providers, such as Septicare and The Natural Home Building Source, include images, layouts and diagrams of their septic tank products and the recommended septic tank systems of various environmental agencies. Septicare provides schematics of a septic tank, a leach field, a seepage pit and a sound mound system from the Maryland Department of the Environment and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The Natural Home Building Source provides a conventional diagram of a septic tank and leach field system. The site also includes a layout of the system when installed using its own septic tank products.

The environmental agencies of Brown Township and San Diego County show 3D diagrams of common septic system designs in their respective areas. Brown Township’s septic system presents a septic tank and leach field diagrams that use gravity-based systems. It also includes information about septic tank and leach field maintenance. San Diego County shows a diagram from the local area management plan and also explains the different types of systems and programs offered by the Department of Environmental Health for the county.