Where Can I Go to Sell My Used Tools?

Used tools can be sold a number of places, including Craigslist, eBay, classified ads and pawn shops. The price received on a sale depends on the type and condition of the tool.

The Internet has increased the potential market for used goods. Craigslist allows a seller to target buyers in a particular city, while eBay lets a seller reach potential buyers all over the world. Craigslist sellers set a fixed price for goods, and buyers contact the seller by phone, email or text message. The buyer and seller are then responsible for meeting to exchange the goods for money. EBay sellers have the option of either selling at a fixed price or auctioning to the highest bidder. On eBay, the seller usually ships the merchandise to the buyer, unless the buyer is local, at the buyer’s expense. EBay charges a percentage for handling the transaction, while there is no fee for using Craigslist.

Newspaper classified ads are another option for selling used tools. Classified ads are reasonably priced, but they don’t offer the reach of the Internet sites. To maximize the reach of classified ads, look for a newspaper that offers online classifieds in addition to print ads.

Pawn shops also buy used tools. They offer the advantage of instant cash, as opposed to waiting for an Internet or classified buyer. However, pawn shops offer the lowest prices because they are buying to resell the goods at a higher price.