How Can You Sell Used Furniture?

Orin Zebest/CC-BY 2.0

Some options for selling used furniture include holding a yard sale, posting the furniture on Ebay or Craigslist or bringing it to a consignment shop. Individuals selling furniture can also use online classifieds, such as those on Apartment Therapy.

Garage and yard sales take time to set up and run, and they are more appropriate for a larger inventory of furniture. These sales often attract bargain hunters, so sellers should have a minimum price in mind if potential buyers try to haggle. Although a high-quality piece of furniture auctioned on Ebay can fetch a high price, the service charges a small fee, and sellers must be willing to ship items unless they opt for a pickup-only local listing.

Craigslist is a free option ideal for furniture of all values, allowing sellers to share a listing with the local area. Sellers should take several photos and create a comprehensive description of the item. They should store the item in a garage or bring it into the yard when a prospective customer comes to look at it to avoid letting strangers into the home. Online classifieds work much the same way as Craigslist, but some may charge a fee. Consignment shops are ideal for sellers who are short on time. Once a buyer purchases the item, the shop takes a percentage of the sale, sometimes up to 50 percent.