Where Can I Sell Precious Moments Dolls?


Precious Moments dolls can be bought and sold on a number of online stores. EBay, Sell4Value, GoCollect and iCollectBazaar all offer the ability to sell Precious Moments figurines on their websites.

EBay has a guide to help sellers list their Precious Moments collectible figures most effectively. Tips include being very specific when labeling items and selling items in lots to increase the perceived value. The guide reminds sellers that EBay is saturated with Precious Moment figurines. Since this is the case, the law of supply and demand dictates that the selling price will probably only be a fraction of the original price paid for the item.

Sell4Value buys Precious Moments figurines as well as other fine collectibles. Their website lists a guide to what the market price is for individual Precious Moments items and what their company typically pays for the items in various conditions. Sell4Value allows sellers to make an appointment to bring their items in for evaluation. Sale items can be mailed in to the company.

GoCollect is an online marketplace where users can create a free account and list Precious Moments items for sale. ICollectBazaar sells Precious Moments figurines and allows visitors to posts For Sale ads. The website also has a section where visitors can list specific Precious Moments items that they are

interested in buying.