Where Can I Sell Porcelain Dolls?

Dallas Stribley/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

About.com Doll Collecting states that porcelain dolls can be sold online, at consignment boutiques, at auctions and to antique shops. The dolls can be featured in a price guide, and the value of the doll is based on the manufacturer, collection, year, condition and rarity.

The most mainstream websites for selling porcelain dolls are Amazon and eBay. To sell your porcelain dolls, determine their selling price first. Start by researching the price of similar dolls on the target website. Next, take several high-resolution photos of the dolls from all angles. Write attractive listings for each doll, including as much detail as possible. If selling on eBay, start with a minimum price.

Another option for selling porcelain dolls is at a consignment boutique. In this case, the shop owner displays the doll, and the doll seller receives the money when the doll sells. The shop owner takes a percentage of the selling price.

Porcelain dolls can also be sold at live auctions. In fact, selling dolls is so popular, some companies host live doll auctions. These often get broadcast in real time over the Internet.

If the porcelain dolls are antiques, they can be sold at an antique shop. It may not garnish the best price, but it is a quick option.