Where Can You Sell a Movado Watch?

There are many options, both locally and online to sell a Movado watch, such as on consignment; at a local pawn shop; in an advertisement or online with Craigslist or local newspaper ads; and on eBay or websites that buy and sell Movado watches, such as Crown and Caliber. When selling a Movado watch, it is advantageous to have its original box, paperwork or receipts and to know the approximate market value of the product based on the brand, type and condition of the watch.

eBay, Amazon Marketplace, Craigslist or a local watch store that offers sales and consignments are the best marketplaces to sell or buy a used Movado Watch, according to ManMade online magazine. In order to safely sell items online, AARP offers some safety tips. Use a secure computer, limit the personal information provided and use the sites email server for communication. Once a party is interested, ask for a phone number to confirm the person is a legitimate buyer. To conduct the transaction, pick a public place, do not go alone and accept only cash to prevent issues with fraudulent or insufficient funds.

In order to list items online, establish a selling account. Provide pictures and a detailed description with the listing. Local listings focus on one area while options for worldwide shipping offers more potential buyers.

In order to sell the watch in a pawn shop, watch store or online consignment, set expectations with the store and get quotes in writing.