Where Can I Sell Avon Bottles?

Two online sites that feature collections of Avon bottles for sale are eBay and Ruby Lane. eBay is one of the most popular auction sites to buy and sell vintage and newer Avon bottles. In addition, Avon bottles are sometimes sold at garage sales or estate sales.

Due to the quantity of bottle listings on eBay, a seller may have to accept lower bid offers than elsewhere. To sell on eBay, a person must have an account and sign up to become a seller. Sellers may list a certain number of items when starting out, and they choose their own bid starting amounts.

Ruby Lane is an online marketplace that features vintage items for sale and has a section devoted to vintage Avon bottles. Ruby Lane items sell closer to market value. To sell bottles at Ruby Lane, create an online shop on the site and maintain at least 10 items within the shop.

Sellers of Avon bottles can check market value for items by consulting the “Bud Hasting’s Avon Collectors Encyclopedia.” This is a useful catalog that features Avon products of all sorts, including bottles the company produced going back to 1886. Collectible bottles are also sold at garage sales or estate sales. Local website classified ads may also result in a few sales.