How Can I Get Rid of Divots in My Face?

Natural and cosmetic skin treatments are some of the best ways to remove divots from the face. Since divots are often the result of acne breakouts, dealing with one?s acne breakouts properly is essential to stop marks from appearing on the skin.

According to WebMD, acne scars develop on the face where cystic lesions were present. Divots are deep scars in the face left behind after acne. When a person picks a pimple instead of letting it heal naturally, it can leave an unsightly dent in the face after it heals. Deep exfoliation is an excellent way to remove divots from the face, and one must exfoliate twice daily for the best results. Chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing treatments are other effective ways to treat an uneven skin tone. Retinoid cream can also be applied to affected areas to rebuild the skin and fill in any marks. Fractional laser technology treatments stimulate collagen production and aid in the resurfacing of skin fractured with indentations. A filler injection can also help to fill very large divots left behind from acne. Applying aloe vera gel and lemon juice to the surface of the skin can help to rejuvenate facial cells.

The prevention of divots is the best solution to avoid long-term facial scars and endless skin treatments. One should avoid popping pimples prematurely and allow acne to heal without irritation to stop divots from forming. Applying a moderate sunscreen every day is fundamental to avoid worsening acne scars of all kinds.