How Can You Reverse Look up a Phone Number?

Perform a reverse phone number search by utilizing any of the online phone lookup services such as,,, Intelius and Spokeo. Enter the desired phone number into the search bar on these websites, and click the search button to return results based on the registration history and online records of the phone number. The information returned may include the owner’s name, address, e-mail address, social media profiles and known relatives, depending on the service.

Phone number lookup services may not always provide current or accurate information. Free people search and reverse phone lookup services depend on public records and information available online to find and return results. Premium paid lookup services such as Intelius can provide users with even more accurate information beyond the name and address of the phone’s owner including, but not limited to, criminal history, lawsuits, property records and bankruptcy records. It is a violation of the terms of service to use these results for the purposes of stalking or other criminal activity.

Alternatively, a phone number can be tracked down by entering the number into a search engine, which can return information comparable to some of the people search engines listed above including social media profiles, addresses and the name of the phone’s owner. For this information to be found, it must be available on public websites.