How Can You Reset the Levels of “Angry Birds” on Your PC?

To reset all of the “Angry Birds” levels, the player needs to get rid of their saved data. This is done by deleting files from the computer. By deleting the files, the game will be restored to factory settings. Individual levels can be replayed using keyboard shortcuts.

  1. Open the “Angry Birds” folder

    The files that need to be deleted are located in the game folder. Navigate to “/Users/”your username”/Library/Application Support/Rovio/Angry Birds” in the PC browser.

  2. Delete custom settings

    Delete the file “settings.lua” to get rid of any custom settings the user made. Highlight the file, and click “delete” on the keyboard.

  3. Delete high scores

    Locate the “highscores.lua” file in the folder, and delete it. This will reset all of the scores to zero, forcing the player to complete the levels again.

  4. Use the “R” keyboard shortcut

    To restart an individual level, players can hit “R” on their keyboard. This method keeps all other saved data intact. Alternatively, the F5 button can also be used. These methods can be used at any time during the level.

  5. Reinstall the program

    Deleting and reinstalling the program will also get rid of the player’s save files, resetting all of the levels. This method is the most time-consuming.