How Can You Get a Replacement Pink Slip at the DMV?

Drivers can get a replacement pink slip at the DMV by completing an Application for Duplicate Title, paying a fee, and returning the application to the local DMV office by mail or in person. The title fee varies from state to state.

In California drivers can replace their pink slip by filling out Form REG 227, paying the duplicate title fee, and returning the completed application to a California DMV office in person or by mail. Car owners can download the form online. The legal owner of the vehicle must sign the form in the presence of a notary public. The form asks for the owner’s full legal name, current address and driver license number. In addition, applicants are required to provide the vehicle’s license plate number and certify what happened to the original title. Those who prefer to drop off the material in person can make an appointment at a local DMV.

In Oregon drivers can apply for a replacement title by completing Form 735-515. The applicant has to state what happened to the original title as owners cannot apply for a replacement title if they know or believe might know who stole the original title. All the owners on the title must sign the application. They have to cover the applicable title fee. DMV offices in Oregon accept cash and checks only. Replacement titles are mailed to applicants approximately three to five weeks after the DMV receives the required paperwork.

All the other states have set similar requirements for the replacement of pink slips.