Where Can You Find Replacement Parts for a Gazelle Exercise Glider?

Replacement parts for the Gazelle Glider line of products are ordered directly from the manufacturer. Part requests are mailed to: Customer Service, c/o your Gazelle model, 177 Fitness Quest Plaza, Canton, OH 44750-1001.

Warranties on the Gazelle Gliders are for 90 days or 12 months, depending on the model. Warranties begin at the date of purchase. If a Glider is under warranty, Fitness Quest may not provide replacement parts, depending on the reason for the damage. The warranty is not transferable to a second party and does not cover damage if you use the Glider in a commercial setting.

Owners do have to pay the cost of shipping the damaged part back to the manufacturer. Proof of purchase is required in order for Fitness Quest to warranty a part or product.